Charges & Cancellation

Is there any delivery charge?

No, but we required minimum spending of $20 per order for selected industrial area. Not applicable to islandwide delivery.

What if I cannot meet the minimum spending of $20 per order?

You can join group order when there's booking firmed nearby your area. Applicable for selected industrial area only.

Can I change my order when i have confirmed order?

You can change your order as long as the stall have not processing your food.

Our Services & Why Choose Us

What's the different with other food delivery platform?

You can now enjoy food from City Area which is not available from any other delivery platform.

Can i order from different stalls in the same hawker in one booking?

Yes, you can. You can choose all the stalls listed in our system that are open

Will the menu change?

Yes, menus will change daily so customers will always have something new to try.

What make Just Cheetah Unique?

While waiting for the food to re-heat, scan the QR code on our instruction card and enjoy the entertainment brought to you.

Why must i scan the QR?

Stand a chance to be part of the weekly draw.

What Prizes will i get from the weekly draw?

It could be a free meal or mysterious bag.

When will the draw be conducted and winners to be notified?

Draw will conducted on Monday and winners will be notified on the day itself before 12pm.

Delivery & Cut-off Timing

Is it islandwide delivery?

Yes, with selected menus and with a minimum order of $30 with delivery charge of $10 per location.

What is the delivery cut-off time?

Our cut-off time will be at 10am of weekday daily lunch booking for selected industrial area. For islandwide delivery will be 1 working day in advance.

I cannot book due to not able to find my postal code in your system.

Maybe there's system bug, please whatsapp our hotline with your postal code then we will sync our system.

Things to Note, How to Use?

How to use the self-heating pot when I received the food?

No worries, we will provide the instruction of how to use when you receive the food, just follow the instruction and things to take note will do

Is using self heating pot dangerous?

It's not dangerous but there's points to take note which you must follow the instructions and caution points indicated in our instruction card attached with the pot.

Important Notes before use the self heating pot.

1. Do not use hot water onto the heat pad. 2. Remove shrink wrap before heating the food. 3. Do not block the hole on the pot lid.

How long can I keep the food when it’s been delivered?

As the food is freshly prepare when order is confirmed, we advise to consume it within 4 hours which will indicate on the food label.

Membership Benefit

What's the benefit to join member?

You will get bonus points for each e-wallet top-up to redeem the freebies

What's the benefit to top-up e-wallet?

You will get bonus points for each top-up and double up the chances of lucky draw for each food ordered

Payment Method

How to top-up e-wallet?

Just top-up through e-nets through our mobile app will do

Which payment method i can use to place order?

We accept credit cards, paynow and e-wallet as of now.